Kirsten Hilke Brand is a mindful thinker and artist based in Marburg, Germany. She has an academic background in arts and humanities, and received advanced training in systemic coaching, mental training, and front-end web development. She worked as a production assistant for TV Noir in Berlin, and as a quality management assistant for Kaller & Kaller in Nuremberg. She writes about mental health, and edification.

Seeking the benefit of the doubt, she found herself wondering, to risk the unknown and meet the foreign, and more, to build upon complexity. Drawing upon emotional intelligence and effective altruism, she deepens her understanding of social behaviour and network externalities.

nischeniche is a collection of aporetic studies on human consciousness and surrealism, an organic oeuvre of observations and reflections on interactions within nature.

Please feel free to get in touch for further information, questions, and enquiries. Penny for your thoughts?